The thing about the massacre in Surgut investigate from Moscow

The thing about the massacre in Surgut investigate from Moscow

Criminal case about the mass attempted murder of residents of Surgut assigned to the GSU SKR. This decision was made in connection with a wide public response to the tragedy, which injured seven people, one of them is in serious condition. At the moment it is established that attacks on passersby committed by a local resident — 19-year-old Arthur Hajiyev, whose family arrived in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug (KHMAO) from Dagestan. Despite the fact that responsibility for the incident took on the representatives of the banned in Russia organization “Islamic state” in the power structures of the version of the attack as the main consider.

Exemption from production of investigators of the investigative Department of the TFR in HMAO criminal case about attempt at murder of the inhabitants of Surgut (article 105 of the criminal code) reported TFR spokesman Svetlana Petrenko. “The wide public resonance criminal case on behalf of the Chairman of the TFR Alexander Bastrykin referred to the production of GSU SK of Russia. In a criminal case is scheduled forensic examination, medical forensic forensic. At the place of residence of the attacker searched. Are the circumstances of the incident and motives of the attacker. At the moment the consequence considers all possible versions of the crime,” said Mrs. Petrenko, stressing that accurate information about this emergency can only come from the investigative Committee.

According to “Kommersant”, investigators who worked on the case field investigators of criminal investigation Department and FSB have already managed to restore the chronology of events that occurred Saturday afternoon in the Central part of Surgut. At about 11 o’clock in shopping centre “the North” came a young man with a backpack (it was later established that it was a 19-year-old Arthur Hajiyev). In TC, young man, until recently, worked as a security guard in the supermarket, dressed in a dark long robe and covered his head with a Balaclava. Thus girded himself with tape, attaching to the torso of a red handbag. After that, the young man tried to start a fire in the corridor of the Mall, spilling on the floor a flammable liquid, but to ignite the fire was not given by the guards. Around 11:20 local time in the “North” he attacked the woman, causing her a mild knife wound, and left the Mall. Moving along Lenin street, the young man attacked the ordinary passers-by, inflicting stab wounds. Just injured seven people, including two women. The attacks lasted for several minutes. At 11:40, the police received information about the attack on the residents man in the black hoodie. In place immediately went several crews of patrol service of police, one of whom saw the suspect and gave chase after him. Near the house 22 on the street Bazhov (the intersection of Lenin Bazhov), about half a kilometer from the shopping center “Northern” police, catch up with the suspect after precautionary shots in air have opened fire and fatally wounded the fleeing in the back. In the course of inspection of the scene police found body of a young man the bag, duct-taped, and the place was caused by cynologists and sappers, who found that the explosives on the body of the attacker is not. Immediately thereafter, the district Ministry of internal Affairs and SKR made statements that fulfill the version of mental disorder of the attacker, and the version of the attack was not announced.

Later responsibility for the attack was claimed by banned terrorist organization “Islamic state”, but on the qualification of the criminal case it has not affected the result still considers the incident an attempted mass murder.

It should be noted that the IG quite often takes on attacks that have no relationship to this organization. For example, in April this year, when a young neo-stolen from a rifle club with a weapons attacked the reception of the FSB in Khabarovsk region. Representatives of the Dagestan Diaspora of Surgut reported that Arthur Hajiyev and his family is unknown to them — by them the action they condemn.

The incident caused panic among residents of Surgut. In social networks people reported to each other that the attackers and the few that managed to detain only one.

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The reason for the speculation began and the mass closure of shopping malls near the site of the attack, TC “city Mall” and “Agora” (from them, at the urging of law enforcement officers, was evacuated as customers and employees). In addition, citizens have noticed the active actions of the police officers began often ride through the streets with sirens, to block exits from the city and to carry out mass checks of the car. Version of several of the attackers before the Saturday evening was supported by local media, some of which even went on the air with breaking news. To prevent panic among the population, with an official video made by the head of Surgut Vadim Shuvalov, who said that “the police keep the situation under control.” Already in the evening arrived in the city and the Governor of Ugra Natalia Komarova, who held a coordination meeting on ensuring law and order and stated that all responsible agencies work “smoothly and efficiently”. “The situation in the city stable. On the reports of the responsible persons involved all available opportunities and resources. Victims receive qualified medical assistance”, — said Ms. Komarova.

It should be noted that the attack in Surgut occurred on the background of personnel changes in the FSB in the Tyumen region (in charge of operations in KHMAO and YANAO) — the criminal case against the intelligence officers on the facts of murders of businessmen and taxi drivers. At the moment the head of Department Vadim Pyatiletov is on vacation, and in his entourage noted that in its place choose a new candidate. Perhaps this circumstance had an impact on the vigilance of the security officers.

Regional media citing its own sources said that the impending attack was allegedly known in advance, but to prevent his law enforcement authorities for some reason did not.

By the way, recent high-profile case of the preparation of the terrorist attack on the territory of KHMAO was a criminal case against Rizvan Agashirinov and Abdul Have which was convicted of that in 2014 the tried using improvised explosive device to commit a terrorist act against the representatives of the local Muslim community of the city of Pyt-Yakh (Khanty). In addition, Magomedaliev was sentenced for the attack on a police patrol and hostage-taking in Nizhnevartovsk — he captured the residents of one of the apartments when he left from the police.

Igor Lesovsky, Ekaterinburg