The court rejected the claim of the Communist party about the return of direct elections of the mayor of Irkutsk



Irkutsk regional court refused the local regional Committee of the Communist party in the annulment of the decision of Legislative Assembly of the region on holding a referendum about returning of direct elections of the mayor of Irkutsk. On Friday, August 18, reports TASS.

According to the Agency, to the consideration of the court action began on August 3.

In late June, the legislative Assembly of the Irkutsk region rejected introduced by a group of Communist deputies a bill to return direct election of the mayor of Irkutsk. The Chairman of the legislation Committee on state building and local self-government of Boris Alekseev stressed that the current method of election of the mayor cannot be regarded as a restriction of the electoral rights of citizens, because it is based on norms of the Federal legislation. In addition, according to Alekseeva, its validity was confirmed by the constitutional court of Russia.

Now by popular vote are elected by the heads of all the municipalities of the Irkutsk region with the exception of the administrative centre, where direct mayoral elections were cancelled in 2015. The first mayor elected so was Dmitry Berdnikov. He headed the city on March 27, 2015.