Non-existent Dagestani judge ordered Hyundai to 18 million rubles

Russian distributor of Hyundai cars, OOO “Hyundai Motor CIS” has received a summons for the recovery of the company by the decision of the arbitral Tribunal 18,2 million rubles, but in the Dagestani of the Board of the Federal arbitration court (FATSA) on this dispute you know nothing, and rendered the decision of the arbitrator never worked in the arbitration court. This was the case on Monday, August 21, the newspaper “Kommersant”.

As noted, in April 2016, one Nadeem Apaev bought a Hyundai Equus for 1.3 million rubles. A few months later he found the machine has defects and has demanded to replace a car, but the model has already been discontinued. Hyundai returned Apaiu money, and he contacted the Soviet district court of Makhachkala with the claim about collecting from the company an additional 2.4 million rubles, arguing that the cost of the vehicle during use is increased by this amount. He also demanded with the Hyundai 2.3 million rubles of fines. The claim was rejected for lack of evidence of the growth of car prices.

August 4, 2017 “Hyundai Motor CIS” has received the notice from the Kizilyurt district court of Dagestan on the appointment of the meeting on the issuance of a writ of execution on the decision of the Board of the Dagestani FATS from 25 July 2017, which the company was charged of 18.21 million rubles compensation, and 417 thousand roubles of arbitration gathering.

It turned out that in may 2017 Apaev lost the claim to “Hyundai Motor CIS” to one Abdurakhman Magomedov, who in the arbitration court increased the size of fines of up to 9.6 million rubles, and demanded from the distributor 6 million rubles for violation of consumer rights.

In the solution to FATS, it is indicated that the company was notified about the lawsuit, but its representatives at the meeting did not appear, and no objections submitted. At the same time in Dagestan Board FATS “Kommersant” said that this argument was not considered and issued the decision the judge has never worked in this arbitration court. In the “Hyundai Motor CIS”, the publication stated that Abdurahman Magomedov don’t know the participants of the proceedings in the arbitration court was not, notification of the proceedings in FATS are not received. “We believe that the decision of the arbitration court falsified with the purpose of misappropriation of funds either by the judge of the arbitration court in Makhachkala, in excess of authority”, — said “Kommersant” in the company.