Nigerian President refused to divide the country

Muhammadu Buhari

The President of Nigeria muhammadu Buhari has refused to divide the country on demand “irresponsible elements”. About it reports Reuters.

The last three months, the head of state was undergoing treatment in Britain. Upon returning home, he made a televised address to the nation.

“I was bitterly disappointed when I discovered that some of the people leave comments in social networks, turning our national “red lines”, said Bukhari. They, in particular, dare to question our existence as a nation. The unity of Nigeria as a state is not discussed. We have to not allow irresponsible elements to sow discord among us.”

According to the President, similar sentiments are fueled by the political mistakes of individual officials. He called on the Nigerian security services not to get complacent after successful operations against militants of the “West African province “Islamic state””.

In Nigeria, there are about 180 million people. About half of them are Muslims, others are Christians. The country has about 250 ethnic groups. In 1967, Nigeria has been under the threat of secession: then in the South-East of the country separatists proclaimed the state of Biafra. It was eliminated only after three years of bloody war, which killed over a million people.