In Warsaw, evacuated passengers and staff is Central station

In the Polish capital Warsaw from the building of the Central station evacuated passengers and staff. It is reported by TVN24.

The decision to withdraw all staff and visitors was taken after the waiting room was discovered orphan package.
On a scene there arrived bomb experts.

Police blocked adjacent to station street, blocked the movement of public transport. Drivers were asked to choose routes of a detour.

Station does not accept and does not send the train. Arriving trains routed to other stations.

8 June 2016 in several Polish cities was carried out mass evacuation of the staff of courts, tax inspectorates and other state institutions. The cause of writing messages on bombs. Only in Warsaw sappers and explosives experts conducted a survey in 33 areas. A similar event was held in Lublin, Wroclaw, Gdynia, Katowice and other cities. all reports of bomb scare was false.