In Rostov-on-don, explained water shortages

Press Secretary sue “Vodokanal” in Rostov-on-don Andrey Kryukov said that the local problems with water supply in the city associated with the use of a large number of hydrants in the fire area. His words are quoted by the radio station “Moscow Says”.

“Water shortages there. When the fire, open all the hydrants, the water goes there. Near the fire there is water, but can do with low pressure, as when fire hydrants are working on the fire, the pressure is reduced respectively throughout the network,” said hooks.

Earlier in social networks was reported that in the area of emergency no water.

The fire in Rostov-on-don on 21 August involved several private houses on Theatrical descent, and then spread to the neighboring streets and alleys. The fire area reached ten thousand square meters. To extinguish the fire that is already localized, connected several helicopters and a boat. Residents of nearby houses were evacuated, the city introduced a state of emergency.

According to preliminary data, medical assistance 45 people, reported RIA Novosti source in the emergency services of the region. Seven of them were hospitalized.

Local Moi have called it unlikely that the version of arson, although it is still August 9, local newspaper DonNews informed about incoming threats to the residents of houses on Theatrical descent. The material was called “”You’re easier to burn than to pay something”. Who is terrorizing the residents of a Theatrical release”.