Danish police found the body of a Swedish journalist Kim Wall

Danish police found the body of a Swedish journalist Kim Wall

Moscow. 21 Aug. INTERFAX.RU Danish law enforcement agencies found within the territorial waters of Denmark a woman’s body, in which it identified the missing journalist Kim Wall, said on Monday the Swedish TV channel SVT Nyheter.

Earlier it was reported that the Creator and owner of the submarine, where the Swedish journalist Kim Wall was last seen alive, Peter Madsen stated that while traveling on the underwater ship had an accident, in which the girl died.

“The accused told the police and the court that on Board the submarine had an accident that caused the death Wall, after which he (Madsen — if) buried her at sea,” — said in a statement, Copenhagen police, which is investigating the case.

“Copenhagen police has also confirmed that the charges (against Madsen — if) remain in force,” said the police.

The submarine, which Wall traveled with the Creator and owner of the vessel Madsen, sank on Friday, August 11, Madsen himself was saved, but the journalist was missing. Later the boat was raised and towed to the port of Copenhagen, but on Board none was found.

The police said that they think that the flooding of the submarine was intentional, its purpose is to conceal the murder. Madsen has constructed a homemade submarine “Nautilus” in 2008. Then she became the biggest such vessel in the world.