CNN: more than 10 diplomats and their families were subjected to the “acoustic attack” on Cuba

CNN: more than 10 diplomats and their families were subjected to the “acoustic attack” on Cuba

NEW YORK, August 21. /TASS/. The number of American diplomats affected by the impact of certain acoustic instruments in Cuba, more than previously thought. This was reported Sunday by CNN.

According to his sources, more than 10 worked in Havana to U.S. diplomats and their families had to be treated for symptoms caused by acoustic impact of an uncertain nature, which they had been since November of last year.

Earlier it was reported that at least two employees of the American Embassy in Cuba were forced to return to the US for treatment. It was not excluded that they may be losing hearing. As a result, these diplomats are unable to return to Havana. According to CNN, after that, a few employees of the diplomatic mission decided to leave the island nation.

In addition, according to sources the channel, in June this year, five canadian diplomats and members of their families in Havana also reported that they experience symptoms similar to those observed among Americans.

At the state Department earlier reported that the Washington administration does not know what could hurt the diplomats, noting that this matter is under investigation. The Ministry of foreign Affairs categorically rejected the involvement of Havana to incidents with employees of the American Embassy.

US and Cuba to normalize their relationship in the summer of 2015. According to the previous administration in Washington headed by the President-Democrat Barack Obama, the policy of isolation of the island has not worked. Until that moment in the capitals of both countries worked only so-called interests sections, but then a full-fledged diplomatic presence was reestablished.