Big family trump forced the Secret service to pull the annual budget

Because of the large family of the President of the United States Donald trump and the constant travel of the head of state, the Secret service has used up the entire annual budget. This was announced by the head of the secret service Randolph Alles in an interview with USA TODAY.

“The President has a big family, and our responsibilities provided by law. I am not able to change them, I don’t have any flexibility,” explained Alles. According to him, the services of the Secret service are 42 people — under the previous President Barack Obama there were 11 less.

Alles explained: he talks about how to limit the annual salaries of each agent with payments for overtime raised from 160 to 187 thousand dollars. However, he points out that some employees still will receive less money for many working hours — a third of the agents have already reached payout limits.

The management of the service had hoped that after the inauguration of the costs will be reduced, but the President often goes to relax on the weekend, and constantly need to be protected.