As Kiev was indignant a study visit of Ukrainian students in Russia



In the SBU reported that will give a legal assessment to the students from Ukraine to Moscow and St. Petersburg in the frame of study programs of Rossotrudnichestvo “Hello, Russia”. The trip, held in August, caused an extremely negative reaction in Kiev. In an interview with RT, press Secretary of the organization explained that the program is educational, to participate in the children from different countries. He assured that the exchange of cultural experiences will continue, despite the dissatisfaction of the Ukrainian authorities. About the strength of cultural ties and unwanted knowledge at RT.

SBU will give a legal assessment to the students from Ukraine to Russia. About it reports the edition “Ukrainian truth”.

Earlier it became known that the Kyiv branch of the Russian centre of science and culture sent about 70 students of Ukrainian schools in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg to participate in a study of the Rossotrudnichestvo program “Hello, Russia”. The corresponding news was published on the website of the centre.

Anna Novikova, who organized the trip, working as a teacher in one of Kiev schools. Commenting on the program, she said that Ukrainian students were looking forward to a visit to the Russian capital.

“They will see firsthand the world-famous historical monuments, visit the many museums and interesting exhibitions. But it is important also that they will have the opportunity to meet with their peers from Russia and many other countries, to tell them about Ukraine, to make friends,” — wrote Novikov on the center’s website.

In the program “Hello, Russia!” involved the children of Russians who are the winners of Olympiads on the Russian language, as well as the history and culture of Russia. Press Secretary of Rossotrudnichestvo Sergey Shatunov in conversation with RT noted that the nationality in this case does not matter.

“This is a program for children of our compatriots. They can now be citizens, but they can not be”, — said Shatunov.

He stated that the project is educational, held annually for many years for children from Ukraine and for students from other countries.

“They came to Moscow and St. Petersburg, they go to the Hermitage, they go to the Kremlin, meet with their peers from other countries, talk about what is modern Ukraine. Tell them about other countries” — has declared a press-the Secretary of Rossotrudnichestvo.

We will remind, on Thursday the news about students protested in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. MP Natalya Veselova has addressed with Deputy inquiry to the Chairman of SBU Vasily Gritsak, Minister of foreign Affairs Pavel Klimkin and other Ukrainian Ministers, calling to check up cultural centers in contact with the Russian secret services.

“Resent information in the media about the work in Ukraine and abroad of a number of so-called “Russian cultural centers.” Sure, today it is necessary to check the activities of these organizations and their possible involvement in the Russian special services”, — she wrote in Facebook.

According to SW, the problem arose from the fact that some people in Ukraine are “excited” after seeing the information about the trip of children, then “they began to flatten and sausage”:

“It’s just people who are looking around something stupid. They somehow didn’t like that the kids can go to the Russian Federation, to study how our country lives, and to talk about how to live their country,” — said Shatunov.

“Soft power of Russia”

Travel of Ukrainians in Russia had previously raised concerns and Minister of infrastructure of Ukraine Volodymyr Omelyan, who said that Russian border does not need to cross, “nothing to ride”.

Painful exchange of cultural experiences with Moscow perceive, however, not only in Ukraine. So, Sputnik reports that in July the Lithuanian authorities protested the visit of the Lithuanian schoolchildren who came to Russia at the invitation of Krasnogorsk.

According to the administration, and plunge the sister city of Krasnogorsk and the Russian side initially were not informed about the organization visit the children’s Museum of the great Patriotic war and meet with bikers from the motorcycle club “Night wolves”.

“Soft power, Russia seeking every occasion to influence the people of Lithuania that they began to believe in what you want of Russia”, — said the representative of the Lithuanian Parliament Viktoras Pranckietis.

In such conditions, the development of any joint educational or cultural programs is not possible. This is the opinion of Professor of international relations of Institute of international educational programs SPbSPU Vadim Musayev.

“Even if such exchanges and it was supposed that after the “Maidan” all these programs are curled”, he said.

Musayev also expressed doubt that the Russian students have the opportunity to go to study in Ukraine: “It’s just risky from the point of view of personal safety”.

However, the study program of Rossotrudnichestvo will continue to operate, despite the dissatisfaction of the Ukrainian authorities assured of the connecting rod. In an interview with “Izvestia”, he stressed that Ukrainian children will once again visit Russia next year.