Among the Russian youth has grown in popularity of working professions

The number of Russians wishing to learn a profession has increased. According to the Ministry of education, more than 59 percent of ninth-grade graduates (976 thousand) in September will start to study on specialities of secondary professional education (SPO), according to RT.

In 2016 freshmen were 934 thousand, and in 2015 — 910 thousand.

The Ministry noted that in 2016 some of our most popular incoming professions was a pastry chef, mechanic, welder, tractor-driver of agricultural production, hairdresser, electrician and master processing of digital information.

The least popular programs of training for the crane operator, mechanic on repair of construction machinery and tailor.

In June, the HeadHunter said that the highest paying non-professions — barbers, drivers and welders. The lowest salary among representatives of occupations that do not require education or special training: janitors, cleaners and movers.