The media learned of the intention of Queen Elizabeth II reign until the end of life

Close to Queen Elizabeth II, sources said that the monarch has no plans to abdicate and hand over power to crown Prince Charles. On Sunday, August 20, writes The Sunday Times.

According to sources, while the Queen is healthy and able to perform their duties, all the talk about the Regency have no soil. They also recalled that in a speech timed to coincide with its 21st anniversary, the then Princess Elizabeth II swore her whole life is devoted to serving the people.

13 August, a source in the Royal family told the newspaper The Mirror that the Queen Elizabeth II intends to abdicate in favor of his eldest son, Prince Charles. According to the publication, preparation of documents for the transfer of the throne has already begun.

Elizabeth II was declared Queen in 1952. In September 2015, having been on the throne 23 of 226 days, she became the reigning monarch of great Britain. And in 2016, after the death of 89-year-old king of Thailand Adulyadej Phumiphon, Elizabeth II became the reigning living monarch in the world.

Prince Charles was the direct heir to the British throne in 1952 when he was 3 years old. In 2008, he became the oldest heir to the crown for the whole of British history — at the time he was 59 years old.

In 2014, the king of Spain Juan Carlos I, who at the time was 77, abdicated in favor of his son Felipe. A year earlier a similar decision was made by Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands. Her heir was the eldest son, Willem-Alexander.

The previous English monarch abdicated, was the uncle of the current Queen Edward VIII. He renounced the throne for himself and his descendants in 1936 for marriage to twice-divorced American Wallis Simpson.