Putin hoped to rise to power young politicians

Putin hoped to rise to power young politicians

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin hopes that after the upcoming elections, the number of regions will be headed by young politicians. He told this at a meeting with participants of the youth forum “Tavrida”, reports RIA Novosti.

Putin recalled that over the past few years, several Russian regions are headed by young politicians who have proved themselves and achieved results.

The President also said that we should promote young people and in other spheres of activity, for example, in the field of culture and art.

Educational youth forum “Tavrida” held in Crimea from July 3 until August 31. Its organizers are the Federal Agency for youth Affairs, which is subordinate to it “Repatriated” and the Moscow state Institute of culture. According to the organizers, during the forum in its work take part more than three thousand Russians at the age from 18 to 30 years. The event is divided into eight shifts, in particular for young artists, writers, musicians, history teachers and journalists.