Poroshenko has replaced its representative in the Crimea


RIA Novosti

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko appointed the new permanent representative of the President in the so-called Autonomous Republic of Crimea. It was Boris Babin, who “has extensive experience” and “showed their best side during operation with the Ministry of justice” , reports RIA Novosti with reference to the press service of the Ukrainian leader.

The main task of the permanent representative, as noted on the website Poroshenko, will be ” the restoration of Ukrainian sovereignty over the temporarily occupied Ukrainian Crimea.”

Temporary representation of the head of Ukraine in the Crimea is located in Kherson. Earlier the post of Ambassador was occupied by Natalia Popovich.

The Crimea became a subject of the Russian Federation according to the results of a referendum held in the spring of 2014 after a coup in Ukraine. For reunification with Russia voted 96,77% of voters of the Republic of Crimea and 95.6% of Sevastopol citizens. Kiev refuses to recognize the referendum results and still considers part of its territory.