Austria warned Turkey about the consequences of the interference in their elections

Sebastian Kurz

The head of the Austrian foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz has stated that it will not tolerate Turkey’s interference in the internal Affairs of their country. He stated this in an interview with German newspaper Welt, quotes of which leads TASS.

“The constant interference of the [Turkish President] Erdogan in the internal Affairs of other States, and this is happening not only in Germany, I definitely reject,” said Kurtz. In his opinion, the head of Turkey “is trying to use citizens of Turkish origin, especially in Germany and Austria, polarizes and shifts the conflict from Turkey to the EU.”

“In the event that if Erdogan or his Ministers intend to do this kind of thing during the upcoming elections to the national Council [lower house of the Austrian Parliament], I now would like to say that we in any case will not tolerate such interference,” — said the Minister.

Early parliamentary elections in Austria held on October 15.

August 18, Erdogan appealed to ethnic Turks who have German citizenship, urging them to vote against the party of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and “other enemies”. The opponents of Ankara he took the main leading German political forces: Christian democratic Union (CDU), Social democratic party of Germany (SPD) and green.

Elections to the Bundestag will be held in Germany on September 24.

Foreign Minister of Germany, Sigmar Gabriel criticized this appeal to sharp criticism. He urged residents in the FRG “to confront one of a kind act of interference in the sovereignty of the country”.

In response, Erdogan advised to Gabriel “do not read notations” Ankara “know their place”.

Relations between Turkey and the European Union, primarily Germany and Austria, deteriorated after an armed coup in the country in July last year, the EU criticized the subsequent reaction of the Turkish authorities, mass arrests and other measures Ankara has suspended preparations for the opening of new chapters of the negotiation file on the accession of Turkey to the European Union.