The media learned about the recent refusal of Finland to provide shelter to the attacker in Turku

The executor of the terrorist act in the Finnish city of Turku some time ago, sought asylum, but was denied. On Saturday, August 19, according to local broadcaster MTV, citing a police source.

According to the channel, the assailant, 18-year-old citizen of Morocco, arrived in Finland in 2016 as a refugee and lived in the reception centre for refugees in Turku. According to Reuters, the Finnish police refused to comment on the matter, noting only that the detainee is, indeed, “was the process by requesting asylum.”

18 Aug Moroccan with a knife attacked passers-by in the centre of Turku. He wounded several people, two of whom were killed and another ten injured. Among the victims — the Finns, Swedes and Italians.

The police opened fire on the attackers and wounded him in the leg, then he was arrested. Later in the investigation police detained four citizens of Morocco. The incident is being investigated as a terrorist attack.

Law enforcement authorities believe that the target of the attack were women. “At the moment the situation is such that the target of the attack were women. Killed in the attack were women, among the victims — six women and two men. Men were wounded when they tried to help women,” said a police spokesman during press conference on August 19.