Putin proposed to move the capital from Moscow to the Urals

Putin proposed to move the capital from Moscow to the Urals

A proposal was made by the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Institute of demography, migration and regional development Yuri Krupnov, reports RT with reference to the text of the “Doctrine”. In sent to the President a document he lists the disadvantages of focusing a fifth of the population of Russia in the Moscow region.

The demographer pointed out the risk of losing the geopolitical advantages of Russia and even the loss of sovereignty over distant territories due to the ongoing internal migration.

“We are now at 1/7 of the world’s land live 7-10 times kuchenne, closer and detainee than the British and the Germans,” — said in the draft.

In addition to moving the capital of the Urals, Krupnov also advises to focus on the development of the Far East and Siberia.

“Redmosquito” Russia Krupnov offers with new cities and new supporting infrastructure.

Another recipe — the rejection of the “Metropolitan” urbanization in favor of low-rise landscape manor. In addition, every large family should receive from the state for a private family estate with a size of not less than 30 acres, with all the necessary infrastructure.

Note that this is not the first offer on the subject of moving the capital. So, last year the idea of moving her to Yekaterinburg or Novosibirsk has nominated Arnold Tulokhonov, who was then a Senator from the Republic of Buryatia. “Today, 75% of traffic is via Moscow to Yakutsk to get to Chita, we have to go through Moscow”, — he used argument. As a successful example of transfer of the capital to another city Senator led Kazakhstan where the capital moved from Almaty to Astana.