MIA Spain: responsible for the attacks in Catalonia cell neutralized

MIA Spain: responsible for the attacks in Catalonia cell neutralized

Responsible for hitting passers-by on the tourist strip in Barcelona took banned terrorist group “Islamic state”.


BARCELONA /Spain/, August 19. /TASS/. The Ministry of internal Affairs of Spain considers that the terrorist cell responsible for the attacks in Catalonia, neutralized. This was stated on Saturday, the interior Minister Juan Ignacio Zoido.

The Minister reminded that “there is no zero risk”. The Minister drew attention to the coordinated work between the Spanish police and law enforcement agencies of other States. In addition, as added Saido, “we can say that the cell [responsible for the attacks] neutralized”.

The Catalan authorities do not believe that the terrorist cell responsible for attacks in the region, completely neutralized, said Saturday Advisor for internal Affairs at the government of Catalonia, Joaquim Forn.

“What happened in Elche (where it was destroyed several terrorists — approx. TASS) helps to ensure strong impact on cell — said Forn. But to date, we cannot say that it is completely eliminated.”

August 17, on the tourist strip Las Ramblas in Barcelona, the van driver made a deliberate impact on passers-by. Responsibility for attack was assumed by the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia). Following this, the police of Catalonia eliminated in Cambrils in the South of the autonomy of the five terrorists who tried to carry out a terrorist attack similar to that which was made in Barcelona.

According to recent reports, the victims were 14 people, more than 130 injured.