As the car turned into a weapon of attack in Europe

As the car turned into a weapon of attack in Europe

The car crashed into a crowd of pedestrians, and then the attacker hides or attacks people with a knife — so in recent years began to look the most terrorist attacks in Europe. Russian service Bi-bi-si recalls recent cases of attacks by drivers of extremists.


On Thursday, the van crashed into the crowd on the pedestrian tourist street La Ramblas in Central Barcelona.

The attack took place near Plaza de Catalunya at the beginning of the pedestrian Ramblas, which is considered one of the most popular tourist destinations in the city.

The van drove a few tens of meters along the pedestrian zone and stopped near the Boqueria market. The driver managed to escape, he was detained only a few hours later.

The extremists have in recent years increasingly used by both freight and passenger cars as weapons attacks.

This led to the fact that even ordinary accidents began to cause panic among people and attract media attention.

Russian service Bi-bi-si says high-profile attacks involving motor vehicles that occurred in recent years.

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The latest attack involving a passenger car occurred in Paris on 9 August. Around 8 a.m. the suspect crashed the car into a group of soldiers near the barracks. Six soldiers were injured, two of them were seriously injured.

The Paris Prosecutor called the attack “an assassination attempt… associated with a terrorist intent”.

Summer in Europe there have been several extremist attacks using vehicles, and in some cases, driving was not the Islamists.

On 29 July in Paris, the suspect tried on the SUV to RAM the barricades near the mosque of créteil and stated that it was his revenge for Islamist attacks that have occurred in recent years in Paris. After that, he tried to flee the scene, but was arrested.

In the night of 19 June in the North London area of Finsbury Park the van crashed into a crowd of parishioners of the local mosque, returning from evening prayers. Police say one person died at the scene from his injuries, 10 people were injured. The van driver, Darren Osborne, was arrested. The Commissioner of the Metropolitan police Cressida dick called the incident an obvious attack on Muslims.

June 19, in the Champs Elysees area in Paris, the car crashed into the van of the gendarmerie, and then caught fire. In the car they found weapons and ammunition. From the police and the citizens no one was hurt. The investigation is entrusted to the anti-terrorist unit of the French Prosecutor’s office.

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3 June, about 10 o’clock the van drove onto the sidewalk on London bridge and knocked down a few people, and then three men got out of the car and began attacking people with knives. In the attack, eight people died and dozens were injured.