Trump has raised the status of the U.S. cyber command

Trump has raised the status of the U.S. cyber command

The President of the United States Donald trump issued a decree to raise the status of cyber command of the US armed forces to the level of a single military command. The text of the decree posted on the White House website.

As noted in the document by the President is made in order to raise the effectiveness of the structure and to emphasize the importance which the country attaches to issues of cybersecurity. Will be increased and funding for this area.

Further stated that we should define the powers of the new military structure and the national security Agency, in charge of intelligence in cyberspace, cryptography, and information protection.

Until now cyber command voorujennyh forces of the United States was the formation of “sub-unified combatant command” subordinate to the Strategic command of the United States.

Now he has the status of a single combat command (“unified combatant command”), which will make the cyber command equal with the former in charge of the structure.

The unified military command of the armed forces of the United States, as a rule, join forces, and funds relating to several types of armed forces. They are allocated either geographically (and then are close analogs of the military districts), or by important the executed function.

This status till today wore six regional commands (European, Central, African, Pacific, North American and South) and Strategic command (which includes the nuclear deterrent, missile defense, and management of military space assets), the Command of special operations forces and Transport command.

Cyber command of the US armed forces established in June 2009. It combined a number of military offices and services involved in network technologies and information warfare.