The mayor of Seattle has called to remove the monument to Lenin

The mayor of the American city of Seattle ed Murray urged to dismantle the monument to soldiers who fought in the Civil war on the side of the Confederacy and a statue of Soviet state founder Vladimir Lenin in Fremont. About this newspaper The Seattle Times.

According to Murray, the monuments represent the “historical injustice” and are symbols of hatred, racism and violence.

Monument erected in 1926 by the organization “United daughters of the Confederacy,” and Lenin statue are in private ownership. However, as noted by Murray, they should be removed.

“Their existence causes pain to those who themselves or whose family members were affected by these atrocities, — the mayor noted. — This applies to the memorials of the Confederacy, and statues, worship of the founder of the Soviet authoritarian regime.”

Lenin statue for sale, are often exposed to desecration of red paint, symbolizing blood.

The desire of the American public to tear down the monuments of the Confederacy provoked the confrontation. Particularly acute acquired in Charlottesville, Virginia, where on 12 August the neo-Nazis held a spontaneous torchlight procession, requiring local authorities to refuse the demolition of the monument to General Robert Edward Lee. After that, the city erupted in riots, which injured 15 people. Later on the March against the far-right rally car at high speed drove into a crowd, killing an activist of the left, another 19 were injured.