The interior Minister of Poland explained the attack in Barcelona domination of migrants

The Minister of internal Affairs of Poland Mariusz Blashak after the terrorist attack in Barcelona said that in his country such events are impossible, since Warsaw has refused to receive migrants from Africa and the Middle East. This opinion was expressed on Thursday, August 17, reports TASS.

“We in Poland there is no Muslim community, numerous enclaves that represent a natural base for Islamic terrorists. We do our best so that the country was safe, and agree to accept migrants”, — said the head of Department.

He also noted that the events in Catalonia are the “clash of civilizations” and added that effective methods of dealing with this does not exist. “The only way for Europe to close doors,” concluded Blashak.

On 17 August the van ran into a crowd of people on a pedestrian street Las Ramblas in Barcelona. As a result, 13 people were killed and over 100 injured. Among the wounded are citizens of over 20 countries, including Russia. According to recent reports, three people were detained, suspected of involvement in the attack.

Some time later on Avenida Diagonal in Barcelona unknown made hitting the police cordoned off the area where there was a terrorist attack. It was reported that as a result of a skirmish, the driver killed by the security forces (according to others, the victim was in the passenger seat in the car and was stabbed to death unknown).

In addition, on August 17 in the municipality of Alcanar in Catalonia, two explosions, several police officers injured. Later in the town of Cambrils, South of Barcelona, another group of terrorists tried to replicate Barcelona’s attack, having run the van for people. Injured six people, five attackers were killed.