Sweden denied asylum to the oldest refugee in the world

Bibihal Uzbeki

Sweden refused to grant asylum to 106-year-old native of Afghanistan Bibical Uzbeks (Bibihal Uzbeki), which is called the world’s oldest refugee. About it writes The Local citing a website Blankspot.

The woman together with her family left the Northern Afghan city of Kunduz in 2015 after the invasion of the Taliban. Later that year, when she was in a refugee camp in Croatia, its history has attracted the attention of the press. A few months Uzbeks, together with his family came to Sweden.

To get to this country, they, in particular, crossed Iran, Turkey and Greece. On the road the majority of Uzbeks have periodically had to carry her on his back. “It was a difficult journey for the whole family. We carried her until they got to Germany, there the doctor gave us a wheelchair,” said the son of a refugee.

Now she must return to Afghanistan or go to any other country that will accept it. The decision of the Swedish authorities filed the complaint, it is not yet considered.

The public has called on Sweden to stop deporting people to Afghanistan due to the deteriorating situation security in the country. Stockholm responded that is closely following the developments in the country, and acknowledged that the situation is really serious. “However, it is very different in different parts of the country, ( … ), the conflict did not cover it all. In other words, he has not reached the level at which all come down given the right to stay,” said immigration authorities.

In 2016 in Sweden was processed 12 thousand statements of the people of Afghanistan for asylum, four thousand were rejected at the first stage of consideration.