Scientists have found water on the equator of Mars

Scientists have found water on the equator of Mars

Experts analyzed pictures from the Mars Odyssey probe, and came to this conclusion.

A group of scientists from Britain and the United States conducted an analysis of images from Mars and came to the conclusion that the red planet there are significant reserves of ice. This is stated in an article published in the journal Icarus.

The researchers analyzed maps of hydrogen distribution in the Martian soil, which was obtained by the probe Mars Odyssey. They were able to increase the image resolution, which allowed us to extract additional information from each pixel of the picture.

Improved quality of maps, scientists have found a previously unknown deposits of ice in the tropics and near the equator of Mars. Previously it was thought that such deposits are in volcanic rocks.

According to researchers, the presence of glaciers at the equator of the planet says that in the past the axis of its rotation was significantly tilted. Scientists suggest that Mars could rotate nearly on its side, with the tilt axis 45 degrees.

Scientists say that this conclusion is consistent with the fact that the axis of rotation of Mars had much to shift after the appearance of the volcano Olympus and other major mountains on a plateau of Tharsis. However, a new hypothesis consistent with the data obtained by the Mars Rovers Curiosity and Opportunity, which so far have not found traces of water on Mars.