Possible replacement to Andrey Malakhov called Yulia Menshova

Possible replacement to Andrey Malakhov called Yulia Menshova

Moscow. August 17. INTERFAX.RU — “the First channel” considers the candidacy of Yulia Menshovoj the role of leading Saturday’s program, “Tonight” instead of Andrei Malakhov, reported “Interfax” an informed source on the channel on Thursday.

“Julia really is regarded as one of the candidates for a leading “Tonight”. We are currently discussing several candidates,” — said the interlocutor of “Interfax”.

He noted that while no decisions have been made, her chances to take this place no more than other applicants.

The source said that Menchov wants to “bothered to change her genre and format,” in which she worked the last few years.

“Now there is a discussion and elaboration of some of the projects that are interested in it. It is too early to talk about something specific. But you can tell exactly what political agenda are not interested in her”, he said.

On the eve of Menchov in one of the social networks announced the closure of its talk show “Alone with all”, stressing that it’s her decision, and she didn’t want to have the program become routine.

Of course I wanted to prolong the suspense, but spread stupid rumors have to split a little early ??? Yes, it is true, the program “Alone with all” closed. But it is not true that the program was closed guide channel. It was only my desire and urgent request. For 4 years in the air, we took 600 issues, and it was a very difficult job, though infinitely interesting. I didn’t want to see this program become a routine, and reduced its quality. In this regard, we, together with the channel management has decided to close the project. I understand that you’ll regret and will even make my claim, list of potential heroes, and so on. But I’m sure that TV today has to be dynamic, and you need to be able to finish the projects, leaving them about a good memory ?But I’m not going anywhere with 1 channel have now have now have now We have agreed on new projects that are currently under development ??The professional version is not dissolved and running at full speed??And we hope to see you in the new season, with new forces and new ideas! ? ❤this#nepereinami#sabuletorum#@1tv#severed#nevertell

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Press-service “the First channel” later reported that the channel with the presenter prepares two projects in the new season, adding that the program “Alone with all” closed on the initiative of the presenter.