Patrushev said about the need to move state agencies to the Russian


RIA Novosti

According to him, now in the information space there is a sharp aggravation of confrontation, which from the category of demonstration of technological superiority goes into the system a massive informational impact with a deliberately destructive purposes.

— Large-scale computer attacks in may-June 2017 with the aim of compromising the integrity of information resources of the Russian Federation and many countries of the world have demonstrated the destabilizing potential of such malicious software, — said Patrushev.

He reminded that in these circumstances, protecting information systems from external influences depends on the practical implementation of the provisions of presidential decree No. 260 “On certain issues of information security of the Russian Federation”.

The Secretary of the security Council, noted that the security assessment of information systems and communication networks of state bodies and local self-government in Central Russia shows their continued vulnerability of different types of information influences.

In this regard, according to him, from the highest officials of constituent entities of the Federation requires a clear coordination on the implementation of transition plans for use of domestic information products and services.

It is also important to ensure that the requirements for protection of information in the translation of documents official use in the Federal and regional data centers, and connecting information systems to information and telecommunication networks of international information exchange, — said Nikolai Patrushev.

In addition to information security, in Ryazan discussed the issues of antiterrorist security on transport. By the way, the meeting itself, the participants — Federal officials, heads of regions TSFO and journalists arrived on buses and cars. Apparently, in order to during the hours you travel through several regions, it was possible to experience the issues of transport security.

— The available data suggests that transport infrastructure and vehicles continue to be the priority targets of international terrorist organizations, said the meeting Secretary of Russian security Council.

Therefore, according to him, “the establishment of divisions of transport safety is one of the key elements in the system of measures for the protection of the transport complex”. In turn, according to Patrushev, this requires urgent attention not only from Federal agencies, types of transport, regulatory authorities, and transport infrastructure entities. As an example, he cited several negative factors that were identified when assessing the effectiveness of antiterrorist security of transport objects.

So, plans of transport security rail stations are not fully implemented. Reduced monitoring of railway tracks. Not always carried out certification of forces of ensuring transport safety. In addition, examination equipment is almost not used or missing. Video surveillance at checkpoints TSA is not conducted, there are no barriers, preventing the passage of unauthorized persons, and means of a compulsory stop of transport.

It does not guarantee data transfer in the automated database of personal data on passengers and staff vehicles. Many of the transportation facilities does not provide for the use of sniffer dogs to detect prohibited movement of objects and substances.

Thus, according to Patrushev, control over elimination of identified causes and conditions that create threats is weak — usually, the drawbacks of not requiring financial investment and costly measures are ignored. At the same time, because of the high social value of transport facilities administrative suspension of activities of organizations — violators almost never used.