Named a way to improve the taste of whiskey

Named a way to improve the taste of whiskey

Swedish scientists have proposed to improve the taste of the whiskey, diluting the portion of an alcoholic beverage a small amount of water. A study published in the journal Scientific Reports.

Dilution leads to the fact that guaiacol, a substance that is primarily responsible for the taste of the drink, mainly is on the interface gas-liquid and not the volume of the drink.

Experts have determined that these findings hold true for concentrations of ethanol in the drink to 45 percent (by volume). At concentrations of alcohol higher 59 percent guaiacol is predominantly in fluid volume.

To such conclusions the authors came to the result of computer simulation that allows you to track the volume distribution of the components of the mixture consisting of water, ethanol, and guaiacol.

The latter is an amphiphilic, i.e., having simultaneously hydrophilic and hydrophobic properties of the organic substance belonging to the class of phenols.