Love the Chinese noodles he fed five thousand passers-by

Love the Chinese noodles he fed five thousand passers-by

A Chinese businessman who returned a lost engagement ring, free noodles fed five thousand people. This publication reports The South China Morning Post.

A businessman from Guangzhou arrived in the Chinese city of Chongqing to make a proposal to his girlfriend. He bought her a ring with a diamond weighing three carats for 300 million yuan (2.6 million rubles), but forgot the bag with the gift in a noodle shop.

Man buys noodles for thousands after diner finds lost ring

— Primo China News (@primonewsapp) 16 Aug 2017
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One of the visitors found the bag and gave it to the Manager, and he returned it to the owner. The next day, the businessman announced that the kindness of the residents of Chongqing have helped him to implement his plan. He gave you a ring girl, and she agreed to marry him.

To celebrate, the businessman bought five thousand portions of noodles in the restaurant. Trick-or-treating was a line the length of one hundred meters.

In may it was reported that a British citizen shirt Tony (Tony Shears) made the consent of the sweetheart after she refused him a hundred times.