High speed railway Moscow-Kazan will be built in 2018

High speed railway Moscow-Kazan will be built in 2018

This will be the first in Russia similar route.

The design of Russia’s first high-speed railway Moscow-Kazan will be completed this year, reports TASS with reference to the first Vice-President of “Russian Railways” (RZD) Alexander Misharin.

Next year we will begin construction.Alexander Miskiniai Vice-President of “Russian Railways” (RZD)

Highway Moscow-Kazan will be the first section of the highway Moscow-Beijing, which will be part of the project “silk road”. Its purpose is to link China with Europe and the Middle East. Earlier it was reported that the line could be operational by 2022-2023 year. The total cost of the road is estimated at seven trillion rubles.

The length of the road Moscow — Kazan will be about 770 kilometers, the train speed will reach 400 kilometers per hour, travel time will be 3.5 hours instead of the current 14.

On the track will be organized stops every 50-70 km.

China plans to provide for the construction of 400 billion rubles. Funds will be granted credit for 20 years. Them 100 billion will be the capital contribution in the special project company. Also the construction of the road proposed to Finance the consortium “German initiative”, which includes companies such as Siemens, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Bahn. It is ready to allocate EUR 2.7 billion and bring the project to 800 million euros of investment.