Donald trump fails in business. Assessment of events in Charlottesville embroil the President with heads of leading corporations

Donald trump fails in business. Assessment of events in Charlottesville embroil the President with heads of leading corporations

Policy implications of the speeches of white supremacists in the us city of Charlottesville to become the President of the United States Donald trump’s increasingly serious. After in protest against statements of the President regarding the events in Charlottesville to work with his team refused the leading representatives of American business, Donald trump announced the dissolution of the two Advisory bodies at the White house: Council on industrial production and the Forum for strategy and policy. The first major disagreement of the President with the business community occurs on the background of further cooling of his relations with his colleagues in the party.

New losses in his camp, Donald trump said on Twitter, dryly saying goodbye to members of their own created in February of two Advisory bodies under his administration.

“Instead of trying to exert pressure on businessmen from industrial production and from the Forum for strategy and policy, I close them. Thanks to everyone,” he wrote.

Unexpected decision of the head of the White house to dismiss their advisers from the business community, the list of which includes the heads of leading American companies and corporations that preceded their collective demarche in connection with the recent statements by Donald trump on the tragedy in Charlottesville.

The mass Exodus of the leaders of American business around the President occurred after a meeting held Tuesday in new York city, press conference of Donald trump.

Statements of the head of the White house raised doubts that he is ready to dissociate himself from white supremacists and recognize their main and only culprits of the recent carnage in Charlottesville.

Answering questions about the unrest in Virginia, Donald trump said that the condemnation of right-wing, but then made a reservation that among the marchers against the dismantling of the monument to the commander of the Confederate army during the Civil war 1861-1865 General Robert Edward Lee were “good people.” Whom he meant by “good people” to share political followers of the Ku Klux Klan, Donald trump did not elaborate.

Moreover, he hinted that the blame for the tragedy should be imposed on white racists, and they resisted the anti-fascists and activists of non-governmental organizations that unites black Americans.

Answers Donald trump, who did not want openly to attack the far right, has caused a sharp negative reaction from working with him representatives of the business community, following the principle of “business out of politics.” Within a matter of hours about leaving the industrial and manufacturing Forum for strategy and policy in disagreement with the position of Donald trump announced eight of their members.