Court of Venezuela issued a warrant for the arrest of the wife of the former attorney General

The Supreme court of Venezuela issued a warrant for the arrest of the Deputy, Herman Ferrer, the wife of the dismissed Constituent Assembly attorney General Luisa Ortega Diaz, the Associated Press reports.

Authorities have accused Ferrer of involvement in the extortion of $ 6 million. New public Prosecutor Tarek William Saab said that the criminal group extorted money from several persons, including businessmen in the oil sector, in exchange for protection from prosecution.

The leader of the ruling Socialist party Diosdado Cabello gave prosecutors the proof that Ferrer and associates opened six Bank accounts in the Bahamas branch of a Swiss Bank.

Ferrer denies the accusation. His whereabouts and the whereabouts of his wife, the former Prosecutor General, is still unknown. Authorities searched their house.

In Venezuela the political confrontation between the government of President Nicolas Maduro and the opposition, which after the election belongs to the majority in Parliament. Strong dissatisfaction of the opposition and a number of countries called elections for a constituent Assembly (constituent Assembly), which seeks to develop amendments to the basic law.

In the street clashes that occur on the background of political crisis, have died since April, more than 100 people.

The cause of the conflict was the deepest economic crisis in the country caused by the fall in world oil prices — the main export product.