Command of the destroyer Fitzgerald removed from service due to the death of sailors

The commander of the USS Fitzgerald Bryce Benson, his Deputy and another senior officer suspended from duty by decision of the commander of the Seventh fleet of the United States. It is reported

“[The command] had lost confidence in him and we have no confidence that officers are able to lead [the crew],” said Admiral bill Moran.

In addition, the officers and some Junior ranks will suffer the extrajudicial punishment for mistakes that led to the collision of the destroyer with the Philippine cargo ship ACX Crystal, which occurred on June 17. The accident occurred 100 km South-West from the Japanese port of Yokosuka. Fitzgerald was damaged on the starboard side above and below the waterline. However, it remained afloat and arrived at the port. In the flooded cabins were found the bodies of seven sailors, two sailors were injured.

USS Fitzgerald is capable of carrying, depending on the task, cruise missiles “Tomahawk” missiles or SM-2 80 launchers. The crew of the destroyer is 337 people.