The CIA has warned about the possibility of a terrorist attack in Barcelona for two months

American intelligence had warned the police of Spanish Catalonia that Barcelona can become a target for a terrorist attack. On Thursday, August 17, reported the newspaper El Periodico.

The publication writes that the warning came from the CIA two months ago. It was called not only the city but also the street on which may occur attack. The origin of the information the newspaper is not specified.

Among the factors that make Barcelona an easy target for terrorists, mentioned poor equipment and training of local officers and the town’s popularity among tourists: the extremists prefer to arrange attacks where they will cause the greatest impact. In addition, plays the role that the territory of modern Catalonia was previously part of the geographical education of al Andalus, inhabited by Muslims in the Middle ages.

August 17, in Las Ramblas in Central Barcelona minibus ran over a pedestrian. As a result of PE, according to sources, 13 people were killed. Officially, the police confirmed one victim also reported 32 injured, 10 of them were injured seriously.

The driver of the vehicle escaped. According to some, he fled to a nearby Turkish restaurant and holds visitors hostage.