Russia’s permanent representative to the EU spoke about the impact of US sanctions on elections in Germany

Vladimir Chizhov

Russian envoy to the EU Vladimir Chizhov told, how will the new U.S. sanctions against Russia on the German elections. The opinion he voiced in an interview with radio Sputnik on Thursday, August 17.

“Germany is the main, consider our partner in the project “Northern stream-2″. Berlin and mouth of various representatives repeatedly and consistently expressed support for this project, even when that someone didn’t like, — explained the diplomat. I don’t want to prejudge the outcome of the elections in Germany. There were made different statements. Some politicians have proposed to reconsider the position even in the Crimea, and on the other hand, at the initiative of Germany against Russia had just entered some EU sanctions in connection with the case of turbines by Siemens. Any country lives in a vacuum, especially in Europe where everything is close”.

While Chizhov declined to comment on the chances of Chancellor Angela Merkel for re-election, saying only that the us and European economies are in fierce competition.

“The President of the United States recently has accused Germany that it flooded the American market with their cars. Although if you just look, it is the largest Assembly plant of BMW is not just anywhere, but in the US, there are jobs created there. And I’m not talking about a long-term match in the WTO between known aircraft manufacturers, Boeing and Airbus. There is an exchange of blows, mutual claims for billions of dollars of the amount being more than ten years,” — said the Russian permanent representative.

The US President Donald trump on 2 August signed a law on new anti-Russian sanctions, which the us Senate adopted on 27 July. The document provides for limitations of funding of banks and oil companies.

In response, Moscow has decided to close the us Embassy staff access to the cottage in Serebryany Bor and warehouses in the South of the city. The Russian foreign Ministry also invited Washington to September 1 to reduce the total number of personnel of the diplomatic mission in the country to 455 people, that is 755 people.