Russians can deprive of garden plots

The Chairman of the Union of gardeners of Russia Lyudmila Golosova has warned that officials will be able to take away people’s land and garden houses due to the requirement to “legitimize them new.” It is reported Rupolit. nеt.

According to the Voice, now to register the right of ownership to a foreign land can also court bailiffs and local authorities. Before that, local officials must make a ruling on the recognition of land/land with buildings abandoned. If the ground is deemed abandoned, it is put up for auction.

The fact that law No. 221-FZ “On state cadastre of real estate” pre-made item 4.1 of article 45 in the new edition, stressed Golosova. This paragraph says that, if the date of cadastral registration of five years and the land or house was not included in the unified state register, they are removed from the cadastral register.

Golosova opposed this initiative and sent a letter to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. In this appeal, she noted that the new law contradicts an old Federal law №28-FZ “On state land cadastre” of 02.01.2000.

The head of the Union said that Russia is 70-80 percent of land law is put on the cadastral account and is not included in the unified state register that the law allows, since 1992. “Now all these sites are “fly away” in property of the municipal. < …> Obviously, the officials will start doing stupid shit and prove something is impossible,” — says Golosov.

According to the statistics of the Union of gardeners of Russia, dacha plots now have 70 million Russians. Most of the sites have been allocated at the time of the Soviet Union “in perpetuity and gratis”.