In Rome arrested the woman cut off the feet of the offender

Maurizio Diotallevi

Roman detectives arrested 62-year-old Maurizio Diotallevi, a suspect in the murder of his sister Nicoletta. On Thursday, August 17, according to La Repubblica.

According to police, the criminal was first strangled the victim with a belt, and then sawed her body into pieces and threw them in different dumpsters.

According to the malefactor, he acted in the heat of passion. “She constantly humiliated me in front of everyone, even in front of my son” — said during the interrogation, Diotallevi. The last straw was the fight that happened after sister Diotallevi returned from vacation and immediately began to impose his claim, and at the same time, slapped two slap in the face.

On the trail of the murderer managed to get through street surveillance cameras. Now, Diotallevi charged with murder and attempted concealment of traces of crime.

On 16 August it was reported that a dumpster on a street in Rome, was discovered a severed female legs. The remains were found 20-year-old girl who threw out the garbage.