George Martin told why killing the main characters of their books

George Martin told why killing the main characters of their books

St. PETERSBURG, Aug 16 — RIA Novosti. American writer, the author of the Saga “a Song of ice and fire”, which filmed the popular series “Game of thrones”, George Martin said that kills the main characters in my books to keep readers in suspense and fear.

“When the hero is in trouble or danger, I want the reader was scared that he was in suspense, in excitement. I think, the only way to do that is to suddenly kill someone important. Then he will know that you play for real what is the book in which anything can happen and if there is danger, the character may not survive. So I killed Eddard stark,” Martin told reporters.

One of the main characters of “a Song of ice and fire” Eddard stark was killed at the end of the first novel of the cycle.

Martin explained that as a teenager, he read books, which, in his opinion, was too predictable. “You start to read the first Chapter and already know what will happen next. Here the hero, now a villain. Hero will be in trouble for some time, but in the end will win. There is no real danger for the hero. I don’t like to read such books. I love books that surprise me, shock, lead me in an unexpected direction, appeal to my emotions, excite me, keep the tension,” explained the writer.