A terrorist attack in Barcelona that is known at the moment

A terrorist attack in Barcelona that is known at the moment

In Barcelona, the van drove into a crowd of people walking on Las Ramblas, there are dead and wounded. Spanish police has called the incident a terrorist attack, detained a suspect. That is known at this time at RBC.


What happened

17 Aug at 17:05 local time, the van at high speed drove into a crowd of people on La Rambla — the main pedestrian street of Barcelona.

Newspaper El Pais says that the van turned onto a pedestrian street at the time, when people were crossing the road at traffic lights.

The police of Barcelona has described the incident as a terrorist attack.

Suspected of hitting people fled the scene, accurate information about the number of criminals there. According the local newspaper El Periodico, near the scene, gunfire was heard.

Currently detained one suspect in the terrorist attack in Barcelona, informs television channel TVE, citing sources in local law enforcement. The name of the detainee the sides of the channel did not elaborate.

Channel 24 horas reports that the second van, which allegedly was used by the criminals to escape the scene, found in 70 km from Barcelona in Vic.

In the attack, according to official figures, killed 13 people, injured at least 50.

At the moment the Russian Embassy in Spain clarifies information on whether there are Russian citizens among the victims in Barcelona.

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