Ultra-accidentally encouraged the Germans to regain the Swiss mountain

German far-right party “Alternative for Germany” (AfD) and the error used in the propaganda image of the Swiss Matterhorn. It was reported by Der Westen.

Branch of the party in Nuremberg on 9 August posted on his microblog widely known image of the Matterhorn located on the border of Switzerland and Italy, with the caption “take Back the country!” After users pointed out the politicians on error, the picture was removed, but by that time, the screenshots managed to disperse over the network.

Schmendrick (@ChipTechChaos)
16 August 2017, 15:06

“Alternative for Germany” was created in 2013. Initially it was positioned as the party of eurosceptics, but after the summer of 2015 came to leadership Frauke Petry, has acquired a noticeable right slant, basing its policy against migrants.

Against the background of social tensions in Germany, the party very successfully participated in the last regional elections in some States — on average it gained about 10 per cent of the votes. According to surveys of sociologists, the level of support now stands at 12.5 percent, while in 2013, the AfD scored 4.7 per cent and has not passed in Parliament. Now the party is represented in Parliament, 10 of the 16 German regions.