Trump ties, shirts Bulk, blazers Merkel in 2017 policy provide us with clothes

Trump ties, shirts Bulk, blazers Merkel in 2017 policy provide us with clothes

The average portrait of a modern politician — a white middle-aged man, dressed in an inconspicuous and seemingly cheap suit in a dark colour. In recent years, however, this stereotype is beginning to change — due, for example, the President of France Emmanuel Makron or the canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, included in the list of GQ’s “50 men dressed best.”

On request “Medusa” PhD and Professor of semiotics of costume in MSU. Lomonosov Ksenia Trushina says, what is all so bribe the French President and the canadian Prime Minister and what political meaning bags Brigitte macron and baggy suits of Donald trump.

New icons dress code

The appearance of politicians is almost always thought through, dark jacket, light shirt, blue, red, or yellow tie, formal portrait in half a turn with a penetrating gaze and a benevolent smile. Because of this the political figures can be difficult to distinguish from each other — however, through this approach, in the way state officials are sewn as if such notions as “professionalism”, “confidence” or “tradition.” Scientists confirm that the leaders we are waiting for are waiting for credibility and authority. An important request of voters can be both the stability and, conversely, change — and image-makers of major politicians try to meet expectations.

“Clear the costumes make it look simultaneously focused and energetic,” says about the Emmanuel Macron expert in the semiotics of costume Aronofsky Anja cronberg in the material of The New York Times. According to cronberg, the style of the French President can be described as “wholesome and energetic,” and at the same time — “pragmatic”. Even before the election of party colleagues have criticized love Him in suits more expensive thousands of euros — and the future head of France made the findings.

Separately, a formal portrait of Macron, where every detail is important: from the two iPhones stacked in a pile on the edge of the table to pose and cut ready-made (not custom-made) suit. All it signals youth, democracy, courage and progressiveness of the new French President — and, of course, was the reason for many memes.

The only worthy opponent of Emmanuel Macron on the part of political fashion remains canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who this year entered the list of “50 men dressed best in the world” — and immediately found themselves in 14th place, one point below David Beckham. In addition, this list only one politician, London mayor Sadiq Khan.

Images of Him and Trudeau is so fond of the Internet, which gave rise to a separate comic genre: the media, authors of slash-fanfiction and LGBT sites happy to joke and provoke rumors about a couple of Makron-Trudeau.

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Despite the fact that the ratings of Trudeau in his native Canada are falling, it is still popular at home and abroad, particularly in neighboring States (and the contrast with the American President). Love it for photos with the pandas, profeminist, the ability to stand in the asana on the desktop, and, of course, fun socks. Visible socks, of course, not the invention of Trudeau — such were, for example, George Bush senior, but a canadian politician managed to make one of them a political statement.

His socks attract attention, but not too much, hint at the idea that the audience is interesting and easy to decipher, talk about the sense of humor and make the image more human.

So, at a meeting in Brussels Trudeau boasted pink socks with the logo of NATO, and in the gay pride parade in Toronto wearing rainbow socks with the words “Eid Mubarak” (which in Arabic means “feast”), noting at the same time and Eid al-Fitr, end of Ramadan. On the meeting between officials of Canada and Ireland would hardly have written the non-core of the Russian (and international) edition, if Justin Trudeau wasn’t wearing socks with the image of the droids from “Star wars”. All this is doubly modern course, considering that socks have recently become an important way to make a fashion statements: most of us can afford to buy in an expensive shop only socks and brands such as Gucci and Vetements, made this cash.

Branding failures

Any deviation from the norm can affect the attitude of the electorate and to call not only sympathy, but also distrust. The reason can be anything — unusual color of the suit, too long pants, or an expensive watch. For example, in August 2014, after the press conference of Barack Obama on the conflict in Ukraine were discussed not only the content of his statements, but also a bright Trouser suit, the color of which the journalists called “sad khakis”. A sudden image of US President became a meme, and publications from GQ to Time published articles on whether this outfit is for the head of state (especially of speech on such a serious issue).

Surrender obstruction can, on the contrary, for excessive conservatism and inability to adapt to the situation — as happened with the previous French President Francois Hollande, who came to the victim from the flooding of the town of Saint-BEA in the official suit.

Pictures of Hollande, standing in the middle of the dirt in the Shoe business, called imaging disaster: the head of the country gave the impression of an incompetent leader who doesn’t understand how to cope with the crisis.

Ill-fitting suit, however, can also be a part of the image. The current us President regularly goes over his baggy pants and shapeless jackets, as well as too long and wide ties.