Trump spoke against the demolition of monuments

Donald Trump

The President of the United States Donald trump spoke out against the demolition of the monument and accused the media of trying to change history. With such statements, as reported RIA Novosti, he spoke in new York.

“Today will carry [the monument to the Confederate General during the Civil war] of Stonewall Jackson, and tomorrow it will be a monument to [the founding fathers] to George Washington or Thomas Jefferson? You have to wonder — where it all ends,” said trump.

The President suggested that the monuments of Washington and Jefferson, too, can endure, using the same prepositions, as in the case of monuments of the southerners. Trump recalled that both of the founding father was a large slave-owners.

Speaking to reporters, trump said: “You’re changing history and culture!”

He also reiterated the view that aggravated the confrontation around the monuments blame both conflicting parties. “There is one group on one side and the other on the other, between them there was a collision, it was awful to see it,” he said.

12 August in Charlottesville, Virginia, neo-Nazis held a spontaneous torchlight procession, requiring local authorities to refuse demolition of the monument to Confederate General Robert Edward Lee. After that, the city erupted in riots, which injured 15 people.

Later on the March against the actions of the far right into the crowd at high speed drove the car. In result one person was lost, 19 more have got wounds. On the same day on the outskirts of the city fell, a police helicopter, killing two people. Authorities have linked the crash with earlier events.