Travel blockade of the Crimea failed

The attempts of the Ukrainian authorities to reduce the influx of tourists to the Crimea, creating additional difficulties for its citizens, has failed, has told RIA Novosti the head of the Committee for interethnic relations of the government of the region Zaur Smirnov.

Earlier from the guards, it became known that the Ukrainians stand in mile-long queues at checkpoints, waiting for the opportunity to enter in the Crimea. The authorities of the Peninsula stated citing its sources that Kiev gave the order to create artificial barriers at the border to reduce the flow of tourists to the Crimea.

— Attempt to arrange us travel blockade drowned in a mass flow of Ukrainian citizens, who have not changed their desire to visit the Crimea despite the propaganda and a long queue. Ukrainian authorities feared the anger of their own citizens and social rebellion on the border crossing points. — said Smirnov. He stressed that to rest in the Crimea, only amplified.

Now, according to the government of the Crimea, the situation on the Ukrainian-Russian border checkpoints is normal.