Started accepting applications for the second competition of grants of the President of Russia

Ilya Chukalin

Accepting applications for the second in 2017, a competition organized by the Fund for presidential grants, began on Wednesday, August 16. This was stated by General Director of the Foundation Ilya Chukalin during the seminar in Cheboksary, video live broadcast is available on YouTube.

The seminar, which began at 13:00 local time (11:00 GMT), was organized for potential participants. Among other things Chukalin talks about the key innovations of the second contest, about the preparation and submission of applications and mistakes in this, on the criteria for project evaluation.

Applications for participation are accepted until September 29, specified on the website of the Fund. The results of the competition will be known on November 24.

The results of the first in the 2017 competition of grants of the President of Russia on development of civil society was published on 1 August. Just submitted for the competition more than 6.6 thousands of requests granted 970 projects of NGOs from various regions of Russia. Applications were distributed in 12 directions.

Competitions for grants held since 2006. From 2017 was established by a single operator — the presidential grants.