Source: Malakhov will lead the talk show “live” on the “Russia 1”

Source: Malakhov will lead the talk show “live” on the “Russia 1”

MOSCOW, 16 Aug — RIA Novosti. TV presenter Andrey Malakhov moves with “the First channel” “Russia 1”, which will lead the talk show “live”, told RIA Novosti source familiar with the situation.

Up to the present time the leading “Live” was Boris korchevnikov.

“Malakhov on “Russia 1” “live”, — said the Agency interlocutor. According to him, the broadcaster had met with the staff involved in the creation of the program.

According to the source, output new program with Malakhov is scheduled for the end of August.

In addition, Malakhov on “Russia 1” will be not only the presenter but also co-produced several projects, said the Agency interlocutor. It is not excluded that on “Russia 1” in the near future, you may receive the analog program “Tonight”, which she has led the “First channel”.

Earlier, the RIA Novosti source said that the team “Let them talk” goes on the channel “Russia 1” in the talk show “live”.

On Monday, the first in the air “First channel” left the program “Let them talk” without Malakhov. It was dedicated to his career in television and media reports about his likely departure of TV presenter from the program. Leading “Let them talk” on Monday was Dmitry Borisov. However, he hasn’t announced what will be the new host of the program permanently. On Tuesday Borisov was again leading the new issue of the talk show.

When the media appeared information that in the near future Malakhov may leave the “First channel”, one version of this solution was left in “maternity leave.” Sam broadcaster confirmed to the journal StarHit, where he is editor-in-chief, together with his wife expecting first child.