Reports of the transfer of the entire lake Sweet Kazakhstan denied

The Kazakh diplomats and local Russian authorities refuted on Tuesday, August 15, the information that is located on the border of two countries, the lake cakes at the result of the demarcation of activities is completely moved to Kazakhstan. About this newspaper “Kommersant”.

The Embassy of the Republic recalled that the joint demarcation Commission began to install border markers between the Pavlodar oblast of Kazakhstan and the Novosibirsk region of Russia last week. While the diplomatic mission stressed that the state border remains in the same place and shares the pond “in the ratio of 70:30 in favor of Kazakhstan.” “In this area any of the border adjustments and exchanges are not made,” assured the Embassy.

Page with the news on the website of the administration of Kupinsky area was removed, and the head of the district Vladimir Shubnikov, who declared the futility of the lake, further questions of the correspondent of the edition refused to answer, citing a later time.

In turn, the conversation with the head of administration said the first Deputy Chairman of the legislative Assembly of the Novosibirsk region Andrey Panferov. Citing a conversation with Shubnikovym he assured that the information on the transfer of Sweet groundless. “This is nothing more than idle talk,” said the MP, explaining that the district administration only encouraged the residents to refrain from visiting areas where demarcation activities.

“A piece of our lake. Where the border is, there is. As you can imagine, a piece of territory to give to someone?”, — outraged Panferov. “Great lake, a traditional place of recreation for residents Kupinsky district. It is very popular with residents, warm water, especially in summer when well heated, because it is South of the Novosibirsk region”,— he said. “I advise all to visit the Kupinsky district,” — said Panferov.

That lake Sweet transferred to Kazakhstan after the demarcation work, it was reported on Tuesday. According to Shubnikov, part of the lake were already on the territory of neighboring States. “We have this lake azaribine only decorate the outdoors, but this demarcation is not affected, the official said. — In our area there is a lake of Bitter — here it is healing. And the Sweet lake is palmasera-poloborota, useless.”