Foreign Ministry: the Situation around the Korean Peninsula is on the brink



The aggravation of the situation around the Korean Peninsula is fraught with the outbreak of world war II. This was stated by the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

“We already talked about the fact that the situation is on the brink. But despite this, we hear rhetoric, and Pyongyang, and the statements that go every day from Washington. The paradox is that they are identical. There is a direct intimidation with the use of force by both sides. I have the feeling that all the statements of Pyongyang translated into English and voiced by official representatives of the United States,” Zakharova said in an interview with radio Baltkom.

Zakharov stated that the outbreak of war in this region could cause widespread death of civilians and “the collapse of global scale with the total circumvention of international law, which is recent years care in Washington, unleashing the sanctions war”.

Thus, according to the representative of the Ministry of foreign Affairs, in the hands of the United States have all the necessary tools to resolve the crisis through diplomacy, but “all is forgotten”.

“If people in 2017 do not understand what the threat of nuclear weapons that is the threat to the world, then we’re talking about. Russia and China initiated a program to exit from this crisis. We are talking about a bilateral freeze. The Americans and South Korea freeze its military exercises are provocative, North Korea freezes its testing and teaching, which condemns the UN,” Zakharova recalled one of the possible methods of discharge of an explosive situation.