For residents of the suburbs will release the memo about non-edible mushrooms and berries

In the Moscow region develop a special memo, which will contain information about edible and inedible mushrooms and berries, as well as about the rules of first aid for poisoning. This was announced by the head of the forestry Committee of the Moscow region Ivan Advisers, reports RIAMA Wednesday, August 16.

In addition, according to him, the residents of the region will remind you about the rules of conduct in the forest and necessary security measures.

Informed Advisors said that this year in Moscow will be a prototype of an interactive map of forest trails in the region, where will be marked the length of the trails, and identifies the most interesting natural places.

July 5, the press service of the forestry Committee of the region announced that a cool summer will be the reason for the late start of the mushroom season in the Moscow region. “Usually the beginning of a mushroom season in the suburbs is at the end of the second decade of July, and the peak on the second or third week of August. This year the summer is cold, the earth does not have time to warm up, so expect the beginning of mushroom season later,” — noted in the message.