Fatal care: how China is being treated for Internet addiction

Fatal care: how China is being treated for Internet addiction

In China killed 18-year-old, given to parents for “treatment” from Internet addiction in a specialized rehabilitation center.

It is reported that the body of the deceased found numerous injuries, and the Director and several employees of the center, located in Anhui province in the East of the country, detained by the police.

Practice treatment of Internet addiction and game addiction in China is gaining popularity in the country offer more and more specialized “correctional centers.”

Some of them reigns army discipline, and similar institutions have been criticized for being too lenient in handling charges.


The mother of the deceased teenager surnamed Liu told the local newspaper “Anhui Sanbao” that her son is so addicted to the Internet and computer games that she and her husband had nothing to do and decided to resort to outside help.

The young man decided to send in a specialized center in Fuyang city, which advertises itself as a place of rehabilitation, where teenagers rid of Internet addiction through a combination of “psychological counselling and physical training”.

The young man was taken to the center in the evening of 3 August. Two days later, his parents announced that their son was taken to hospital where he later died.

The exact cause of death is unknown.

However, according to the parents, the doctors who examined the body of their son, said that the deceased was discovered more than 20 external and some internal injuries. Parents were allowed to see the body in the morgue.

“My son’s body was completely covered with scars from head to toe… When I sent it to the center, he was right — how could he die for two days?” — quoted Ms. Liu to the newspaper.