A Muslim woman has received 85 thousand dollars for the torn police hijab

A Muslim woman from California city of long beach has received from local authorities 85 thousand dollars for the torn police hijab. About it reports The Independent.

Christy Powell has expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that the guard tore off her hijab in front of colleagues-men. A lawsuit was filed in the court. The plaintiff, Council on American-Islamic relations representing the victim argued that Powell was able to search other women in hidden from prying eyes inside. The city authorities did not wait for the verdict of the court and offered the woman a cash payment. She agreed.

The victim was arrested in may 2015. She was riding with her husband in the car when they were stopped by a patrol. Having studied the documents of the pair, police found that the woman discharged the warrant of arrest on suspicion of theft from shop, done about ten years ago. They did not heed the assurances of the couple that touch a woman can only women and the hijab can not be removed, and arrested Powell.

She was taken to the police station: there’s the one of the police officers and took her face concealing clothing. Powell spent the night in the cell, feeling “very upset, unprotected and naked.”