Vice-President of the United States feared the threat from Venezuela

Mike Pence

Vice-President Mike Pence considers that Venezuela is a failed state (failed state) that threaten the security of his country. On Monday, August 14, reports Reuters.

He stressed that the unstable political situation in this country threatens the entire Western hemisphere. “President trump has made it clear that the United States will not stand by while Venezuela is sinking into dictatorship,” said Pence.

Among the threats, which carries the complication of the situation in Venezuela, he said drug trafficking and illegal migration.

Earlier Monday, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced a nationwide military exercise in response to the statement of the President of the United States Donald trump about the possibility of holding Washington’s military operations in this state. The exercises will be held on 26 and 27 August.

13 Aug son of the leader of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro Guerra, threatened Donald Trump retaliatory action if Washington decides on a military operation in the Republic.

That the U.S. military can intervene in the situation in the Bolivarian Republic, trump said on August 11. “We have a lot of options to resolve the situation in Venezuela, including the conduct of military operations in this country,” — said the American leader, adding that the residents of the state “suffer and die”.

Later the information appeared that Maduro has tried to contact his U.S. counterpart by phone, but he refused to talk. “The U.S. supports the Venezuelan people in the face of oppression by the regime of Nicolas Maduro. President trump will gladly hold a conversation with the leader of Venezuela after the country will be restored democracy,” — said the press service of the White house.

The Minister of defense of Venezuela Vladimir Padrino Lopez has called an “act of madness” and “high commissions” the ability of the American military operation. “In the United States is ruled by an extremist elite, and I honestly don’t know what’s happening, where it leads in the world,” said the General.

In Venezuela since April of this year, the riots continued, the death toll has already exceeded 100 people. The clashes come amid the standoff between Maduro and the opposition, after the election, which owns the majority of seats in Parliament. The cause of the conflict was the deepest economic crisis in the country caused by the fall in world oil prices, which is the main export product of Venezuela.